The Pantera

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Taihe What a machine The Pantera, well what can one say. After owning many different types of car, small and light Read more…

What a machine The Pantera, well what can one say. After owning many different types of car, small and light fast and slow, big and clumsy, often sensible and practical but sometimes silly and pointless all have made an impression on me in one way or another. But The Pantera is a bit special, look at the facts. Body made by the Italians, V8 Engine made by the Americans, gearbox made by the Germans, chassis designed by Dallara ex formula 1 team. All people who know what they are doing! This car was a totally selfish, self indulgent mid life crisis purchase and I love it. My particular example was built for the Italian market and sold new in Treviso back in 1973 after living there for ten years it went to California USA and only came to this damp old place we call the UK around 2012, so it has been spared the wet weather and salt laden roads we have to enjoy!

It is strictly a two seater with a mid mounted V8 engine of just under 5.8 litres, 5 speed ZF gearbox with dog leg first gear, air con, pop up head lamps and an all steel body of wonderful proportions. It goes as well as it looks, it handles beautifully and can be a quiet and composed grand tourer or a howling V8 bruiser depending on your mood ? Classic car ownership does not get much better than this. As a kid growing up in the 1970s this is the sort of car that made me drool and still does !

However even this needs a little personalisation, the original wheels were a little bland so I have changed them for some that have more of a wow factor, and the original steering wheel (from a Ford Capri) and in poor condition has been replaced by a Walnut Motolita version. The front seats need to be recovered and when I can afford it a 427 cu in engine, based on the same block, these are available from Ford Racing in the USA and with a capacity of 7 litres and 500 bhp this will be my biggest and last soup up, before Becky finally decides to murder me !!!


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