The Creamy White

I have had a desire to create a squeaky clean, standard looking R4 with hidden talents since modifying my F6 Read more…

I have had a desire to create a squeaky clean, standard looking R4 with hidden talents since modifying my F6 van, so in 2003 I acquired a car that would become the basis of The Creamy White, (The name the car was given by Harry my son at a very young age that has stuck).

The long process of building it was documented in a series of articles in Renotes, the magazine of the Renault Owners Club GB, and this generated a lot of interest. I managed to source from Holland a brand new old stock Genuine Renault 4 chassis, so the underneath of the car is as good as it gets.

I also sourced over a period of time everything new or as near perfect as I could get, I wanted the look of an early seventies model with all the lovely chrome parts and the brakes etc from the later GTL . The car boasts a R5 Gordini engine 1397cc and sporting Twin 40 DCOE Weber carburettors with Group 2 inlet manifolds, I also custom made a water heated sandwich plate from 15mm aluminium, to stop the carbs from icing, (not nice on a road car) uprated suspension, a 5 speed gearbox (still retaining the all important dash mounted gear lever) cherry red leather interior, and a recently-fitted programmable ignition system.


We took this car to the Renault reunion and Auto Brocante at Le Manoir d’Automobile at Loheac in October 2007, lifted the bonnet, and could not get near the car due to the large number of enthusiastic French fans who wanted to look at the engine. It always pulls a crowd , has become a cult classic in France, has been the subject of several magazine articles in the UK and France, it has inspired a number of “hot rod” Renault 4s in the UK and particularly in France!

The engine has been built to be as usable as possible and as such has a lower outright bhp figure than other track type versions, but it has a very good low flat torque curve that gives good acceleration and flexibility from all engine speeds.

A dyno test figure of 110 bhp and a torque figure of 85 lb ft at only 2500 rpm topping out at 100 lb ft max may give standard R4 owners an idea of how well this thing goes !

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