Emile the Estafette

A visit was arranged, we fell in love, and Emile became ours.

We fell in love with the Renault Estafette at the last 4L International meeting in Thenay 2015 and thought it would be fun to do one up as a camper and drive round France (very slowly). After scouring various French websites with no success we learned of this vehicle by word of mouth, and it was in Essex!

A visit was arranged, we fell in love, and Emile became ours. It is a 1962 model with an 1108cc engine and is completely original. It is such a laugh to drive, and we will keep you updated as to its progress. Easter update: We decided to do some basic preparation for the upcoming MOT over the Easter holidays so Good Friday was spent chipping 50 years worth of French farmyard from the underneath. This revealed lots of shiny metal, but also a collapsed gearbox silent block, so a new one was promptly ordered.

The brakes have also been dismantled and sent away for reconditioning. We managed to locate a relatively local trim supplier and set to to replace the window rubbers in the rear. These windows were an original aftermarket option for the panel van and consist of 3 separate window glasses, not the sliding window of the Microcar.

There was also the question of several tubes worth of silicon that had been pumped around the door edges, to be removed. Underneath we discovered a layer of desiccated, carbonised rubber that was probably the original door seal material, and this too had to be chiselled off. We managed to fit some R4 door rubbers that worked a treat.


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